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  • Jesus. Audio Book. MP3 on CD

    Jesus. Great Lives from God's Word Audio Book.    MP3 on CD Jesus Christ. He is, without question, the most influential person in history. Millions of people claim the truths of the religion that bears His name. But who exactly is Jesus?...

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  • NLT Audio Bible Complete Bible. 8 MP3 CD Set

    Audio Bible Complete Bible.  8 MP3 CD Set.  NLT VersionExperience the refreshing, life changing power of scripture in this state of the art recording, mastered for optimum listening clarity. The New Living Translation uses language that speaks...

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  • Job. Audio Book. MP3 on CD

    Job. Great Lives From God's Word - Audio Book.   MP3 on CD The trials of Job are legendary. One righteous man suffering so many calamities, so much heartache. Though many have heard about Job and his trials, not all people truly understand...

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  • Abraham Audio Book. 7 CDs

    Abraham - One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith.  Audio Book.  7 CDs Discover the power of belief When we rewind history to Abraham's era, we encounter people who concocted false superstitions to explain the unexplainable. Powerful kings...

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  • Embraced by the Spirit. MP3 Audio Book

    Embraced by the Spirit.        MP3 Audio Book Has it been a while since your heart was stirred? Charles Swindoll has been there too – weary of a sterile, predictable faith; running on empty, yet knowing in his...

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  • Joseph - A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness. Audio Book

    Joseph – A man of Integrity and Forgiveness. Audio Book. In a world where faith is fading and integrity is rare, the life of Joseph in the Old Testament shines like a brilliant star in the night time sky, showing us that following God brings hope...

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  • Strengthening Your Grip. Audio Book

    Strengthening Your Grip - How to be Grounded in a Chaotic World.  Audio Book.  7 CDs As only he can, Charles Swindoll combines biblical insights with unforgettable stories that inspire readers to strengthen their spiritual grip on issues such...

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  • The Case for Christ. Unabridged MP3 Audio Book

    The Case for Christ.         Unabridged MP3 Audio Book A seasoned journalist's personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus... Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of...

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