Bible Teaching Series

  • Biblical Parenting. 12 CD Series

    Biblical Parenting.           12 CD Series Parenting is a privilege ... and yet, it sometimes feels like a penalty. Whether persevering through an infant’s cries, grappling with a teenager’s...

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  • Growing Up In God's Family. 16 Message Series

    Growing Up In God's Family.  16 CD SeriesGod’s Word describes the body of believers as “brothers and sisters” and “co-heirs” with Jesus, and when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He began by saying, “Our Father...

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  • Rules for Running a Rewarding Race.

    New Year's Message 2016:  Rules for Running a Rewarding Race.     1 CD Series Philippians 3:12–14; Hebrews 12:1–2Additional Scriptures: Psalm 103:12; 119:165; John 14:3; James 4:15 Are you the worrying type —...

  • Loving One Another. 2 CD Set

    Loving One Another.      2 CD SetEnthusiasm! Every church should overflow with enthusiasm as it fulfills Christ’s mission. Chuck Swindoll certainly is enthusiastic about the church, and in this two-part series, he lights a torch and...

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  • Proverbs. 14 CD Series

    Proverbs.        14 CD SeriesOld Testament Book Study taken from Proverbs Is your Bible just another book on your shelf collecting dust? Do you wonder what its content has to do with your life today? With practical...

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  • Things To Stop and Start. 9 CD Series

    Things To Stop and Start.    9 CD SeriesMany of us spend our days saying, “I don’t have enough time!” Meanwhile, our cluttered closet stays cluttered, the thought of our estranged family member still stirs up resentment...

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