Biblical Parenting. Bible Companion

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Biblical Parenting Bible Companion

Parenting is a privilege ... and yet, it often feels like a penalty. Whether persevering through an infant’s cries, grappling with a teenager’s attitude, or thinking through a grown child’s problems, all parents struggle.

Where can we turn for sound advice?

The Bible presents the foundations of a solid parenting strategy for every parent, but we all need help navigating its pages. Based on decades of real-life experience and grounded on the clear direction of Scripture, Chuck Swindoll’s Biblical Parenting series can be your guide.

With interactive lessons that focus on training, reproving, and finding joy in our children, the Biblical Parenting Bible Companion speaks to issues relevant to all parents, no matter their children’s ages. Parents everywhere will benefit from the time spent considering the Bible’s teaching on such vital issues.

(152 Page, Softcover Bible Companion)

12 chapters


(No reviews yet) Write a Review