Character Counts 04: A Plea for Integrity. MP3 Download

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Charles R. Swindoll

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Character Counts 04:  A Plea for Integrity.              MP3 Download

Daniel 6:1-23

Ours is a day of bending the rules and rationalizing the wrong. A growing number of Christians are buying into the mentality that says, “Grace covers whatever ... go ahead, God understands and forgives.” The results are somewhere between embarrassing and scandalous. Issues such as marital commitment, sexual purity, intellectual honesty, and financial accountability are up for discussion rather than character traits we need to embrace. Even the ranks of ministry have been tainted. The need? A return to integrity ... not sinless perfection but absolute honesty and an absence of duplicity. Impossible? Let’s let Daniel’s life answer that for us.

Character Counts: Excellent Christian Living - Build a Life That Pleases God

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Messages in this series include:

CCBM01 They, Being Dead, Still Speak Hebrews 11:32 – 38
CCBM02 The Discernment of Abigail 1 Samuel 25
CCBM03 The Refreshment of Onesiphorus 2 Timothy 1:15 – 18
CCBM04 A Plea for Integrity Daniel 6:1 – 23
CCBM05 Reinstatement of a Runaway Philemon
CCBM06 Coping with the “Slough of Despond” 1 Kings 19
CCBM07 Being a Balanced Woman of God Selected Scriptures
CCBM08 Beyond Charm and Beauty Selected Scriptures
CCBM09 A Vote in Favour of Father-hood Selected Scriptures
CCBM10 Top Temptations Fathers Face Selected Scriptures
CCBM11 How to Make the Truth “Stick” Selected Scriptures
CCBM12 Survival Training for the School Jungle Selected scriptures


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