• The Church Awakening. Paperback Book

    The Church Awakening.       Paperback BookThe twenty-first-century church is eroding. Seeking greater cultural relevancy, the church is drifting away from its dependence on the Bible. In far too many churches, worship is wispy, preaching...

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  • Passport - Religions of the World

    People and ideas that used to be a world away are now a part of our lives each day. From global media and the Internet to immigration and world travel, our world has become a diverse neighbourhood. Now that the mission field has moved into our...

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  • Knowing God Personally. Booklet

    Knowing God Personally.     Booklet Do you realise that God has created you for a wonderful purpose? That your life can be full and meaningful when you are tapped into that reality? Its true! And the way to experience this is through...

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  • End Times Prophecy Passport

    End Times Prophecy PassportWhat’s going to happen next? Let’s face it—the past isn’t what worries us most. It isn’t even the present that gives us the greatest angst. It’s the future that concerns us most. Is the...

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  • Changing Wanderers into Worshippers. 16 CD Series

    Changing Wanderers into Worshippers.     16 CD SeriesSame food . . . same clothes . . . and your life is wandering in circles. Sound familiar? If so, then you’d have made a good Hebrew! Chuck Swindoll takes us on a journey from...

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  • Chapter: Verse - Names of Jesus. Paperback Book

    Chapter: Verse - Names of Jesus.            Paperback Book There’s just something about the name—Jesus. The Name exalted above every other. The Word. The long-awaited King, spotless...

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