Counselling Insights: Major Mental Disorders--Ministering to the Exceptionally Troubled

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"Major Mental Disorders: Ministering to the Exceptionally Troubled" from Counselling Insights: Personal Issues by Insight for Living

Suffering in Silence

Many people toil alone with deeply personal problems. But God wants these issues to see the light of day! He didn’t design us to get through life alone. Counselling Insights: Personal Issues provides biblical guidance on a number of personal struggles. Learn how to counsel those dealing with eating disorders, debt, addictions, and more.

“Major Mental Disorders: Ministering to the Exceptionally Troubled” from Counselling Insights provides biblical guidance to help you support those dealing with significant mental illnesses.

Note: This downloadable document is the ninth chapter from the Counselling Insights section on Personal Issues.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review