Following Christ ... The Man of God. 14 Overcoming Fear. MP3 Download

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Charles R. Swindoll

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Following Christ ... The Man of God.  14  Overcoming Fear.      MP3 Download

John 14:25–31

In this passage, Jesus urged His disciples, who were still shaken by His talk of death, to overcome their fear by depending on the Holy Spirit, claiming Christ’s peace, accepting God’s plan for the future, and following His pattern of obedience to the Father. If fear sometimes saps your courage or silences your voice, let Chuck Swindoll’s encouragement through his teaching on the promises of Jesus strengthen your soul.

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Messages included in this series:

FMGM01  God’s Specialty: Impossibilities  John 6:1-21
FMGM02  Bread Delivered from Heaven

 John 6:22-71

FMGM03  Jesus in the Lions’ Den  John 7
FMGM04  Letters in the Sand  John 8:1-11
FMGM05  Reasons for Rejection  John 8:12-59
FMGM06  Blind Men’s Bluff  John 9
FMGM07  The Living Door  John 10
FMGM08  Back from Beyond  John 11
FMGM09  Seeking before Hiding  John 12
FMGM10  Humility Personified  John 13:1-17
FMGM11  How High Is Your A.Q.?  John 13:13-30
FMGM12  Agape ... Authentic Love  John 13:31-38
FMGM13  Tranquil Words for Troubled Hearts  John 14:1-24
FMGM14  Overcoming Fear  John14:25-31


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review