God's Masterwork, NEW TESTAMENT, Vols 5-7: Matthew to Revelation. 28 MP3 on CD Series

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Charles R. Swindoll

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God's Masterwork, NEW TESTAMENT, Vols 5-7: Matthew to Revelation.                28 MP3 Files on CD Series Set

Journey With Chuck Swindoll Through the Entire New Testament
Finally—a chance to learn how the New Testament relates to the Old Testament! God’s Masterwork, Volumes Five–Seven, which covers Matthew through Revelation, reminds us that the New Testament fulfills many of God’s Old Testament promises.
In God’s Masterwork, Volumes Five–Seven, Chuck Swindoll introduces you to every New Testament book, explaining the big picture and applying its truths to today. This series begins with the life of Christ as portrayed in the Gospels and continues in the epistles to teach believers how to live the life of Christ until He comes again.
Learn how the Old and New Testaments are like two sides of the same coin—both are necessary to understand God’s final word to humanity. Order this boxed Classic Series today!
(God’s Masterwork, Volumes Five–Seven,  29 messages on 2 CDs, includes one Bonus message)

God's Masterwork Vol 5: God With Us - A Survey of Matthew - Acts

What is God's final word to humanity?  Do you ever struggle to understand how the Old and New Testaments fit together? If we think of the Old Testament as pages of promise, then how does the New Testament complete and fulfill God’s plan for us?

God’s Masterwork, Volume Five: God with Us—A Survey of Matthew toActs traces the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ, foretold in the Old Testament as the Messiah.  The first five books in the New Tesatment reveal that Jesus and His ministry fulfilled God’s messianic promises in the Old Testament. 

This Insight for Living Ministries MP3 series introduces the flow of thought in the New Testament, explains the purpose of each gospel, and chronicles the expansion of Christ’s church in Acts.
MP3 Messages in this series include:

GM5M01 An Important Interlude - Matthew to Revelation Luke 24:25–27, 44–46; 1 Peter 1:8
GM5M02 Matthew: Let’s Meet the King - A Survey of Matthew Selected Scriptures from Matthew
GM5M03 Mark: The Servant at Work - A Survey of Mark Selected Scriptures from Mark
GM5M04 Luke: The Physician’s Opinion - A Survey of Luke Selected Scriptures from Luke
GM5M05 John: That You May Believe - A Survey of John Selected Scriptures from John
GM5M06 Acts: Like a Mighty Army - A Survey of Acts Selected Scriptures from Acts

God's Masterwork Vol 6: Letters to God's People - A Survey of Romans to Philemon

Do you need a biblical pick-me-up? The New Testament contains thirteen letters from the apostle Paul that explain theology, correct faults, encourage godly living, and outline the structure and function of the church.God’s Masterwork, Volume Six: Letters to God’s People—A Survey of Romans toPhilemon describes how these things apply to your life today!

Whether you struggle with legalism, conflict, and carnality or need help sharing God’s truth with the others, this series will equip you for applying the bible to your life.
In God’s Masterwork, Volume Six, Chuck Swindoll reminds listeners that even though the apostle wrote during the first century AD, Paul’s epistles comprise God’s inspired, inerrant Word, which applies to your life today. So, you can read these New Testament letters as if Paul addressed them to you!

MP3 Messages in this series include:

GM6M01 Romans: Cornerstone of Christian Truth Selected Scripture: Romans
GM6M02 1 Corinthians: Conflicts at Church Selected Scripture: 1 Corinthians
GM6M03 2 Corinthians: A Man and His Ministry Selected Scripture: 2 Corinthians
GM6M04 Galatians: Letter of Liberation Selected Scripture: Galatians
GM6M05 Ephesians: True Portrait of the Church Selected Scripture: Ephesians
GM6M06 Philippians: Joy in Abundance Selected Scripture: Philippians
GM6M07 Colossians: Christ, Our All in All Selected Scripture: Colossians
GM6M08 1 Thessalonians: A Heart-To-Heart Talk Selected Scripture: 1 Thessalonians
GM6M09 2 Thessalonians: Christ’s Coming…My Response Selected Scripture: 2 Thessalonians
GM6M10 1 Timothy: Wise Counsel for Shepherds Selected Scripture: 1 Timothy
GM6M11 2 Timothy: Paul’s Swan Song Selected Scripture: 2 Timothy
GM6M12 Titus: Plain Talk for Pastors Selected Scripture: Titus
GM6M13 Philemon: An Appeal for Grace and Forgiveness Selected Scripture: Philemon

God's Masterwork Vol 7: The Final Word - Hebrews to Revelation

Spiritual Riches in Surprising Places:

When was the last time you read any of the General Epistles? Hebrews, with its references to Old Testament sacrifices and Jewish feasts, might seem outdated. Jude’s record of a cosmic battle over the body of Moses might fit best in a sci-fi movie. And Revelation, with its strange apocalyptic imagery, might stir contention and confusion within the church.
The God’s Masterwork, Volume Seven series will help you dig into these nine treasures from the first century! You’ll gain theological depth and grow in your practical devotion to Christ.
MP3 Messages in this series include:

GM7M01 Hebrews: Jesus Christ, Our Superior Saviour Selected Scripture: Hebrews
GM7M02 James: A Plea for Authenticity Selected Scripture: James
GM7M03 1 Peter: Hope for the Hurting Selected Scripture: 1 Peter
GM7M04 2 Peter: Beware…Be Ready! Selected Scripture: 2 Peter
GM7M05 1 John: God’s Life on Display Selected Scripture: 1 John
GM7M06 2 John: A Letter to a Lady Selected Scripture: 2 John
GM7M07 3 John: Three Men in a Church Selected Scripture: 3 John
GM7M08 Jude: Manual for Survival Selected Scripture: Jude
GM7M09 Revelation: God’s Final Words Selected Scripture: Revelation
GMWCC God’s Masterwork: Conversations with Chuck Not applicable


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