God's Masterwork, OLD TESTAMENT, Vols 1-4. Genesis to Malachi. 40 CD Series Set

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Charles R. Swindoll

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God's Masterwork OLD TESTAMENT, Vols 1-4. Genesis to Malachi                              Audio Series on CD

This product combines the first four volumes of the God's Masterwork series by Chuck Swindoll. 
Covering the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi, Chuck brings to life both the power and presence of God in the Old Testament and what it means for us today.

The Book of books is indeed unique. In its survival, history, continuity, influence, and popularity, the Bible stands alone. Like a rock of priceless value, this eternal, universal library of inspired information possesses the very authority and validity of almighty God—as though He were speaking in audible terms and tones. Not only does Scripture contain His truth, it is His Word, for His Spirit is the author, making the Bible an infallible and inerrant document to guide us in both faith and practice. We begin, in this study, a general examination of the books in the Bible—Genesis through Revelation. As the Lord reveals Himself through each book in the Old Testament we study, may your love for and reliance upon Him be enhanced.

(40 messages on 40 CDs)

Messages in God's Masterwork, Vol 1:  Beginnings – A Survey of Genesis - Deuteronomy     Audio Series on CD:

GM1M01 A Symphony for the Soul Over view
GM1M02 Genesis: Where It All Begins Genesis
GM1M03 Exodus: Story of Miraculous Freedom Exodus
GM1M04 Leviticus: God’s Picture Book on Worship Leviticus
GM1M05 Numbers: A Tragic Pilgrimage Numbers
GM1M06 Deuteronomy: Remember! Remember! Deuteronomy

Messages in God's Masterwork, Vol 2: The Story of God’s People – A Survey of Joshua-Esther         Audio Series on CD:

God’s Masterwork, Volume Two: The Story of God’s People—A Survey of Joshua–Esther introduce you to the historical books of the Old Testament, providing you with an overview of each book from Joshua to Esther. With this second volume of the God’s Masterwork series, you’ll gain an understanding of each book’s major themes and stories and find encouragement to persevere in your faith, even as the world seems to be falling down around you.

GM2M01 Joshua: Triumph after Tragedy Selected Scripture: Joshua
GM2M02 Judges: Recycled Misery Selected Scripture: Judges
GM2M03 Ruth: Interlude of Love Selected Scripture: Ruth
GM2M04 1 Samuel: Nation in Transition Selected Scripture: 1 Samuel
GM2M05 2 Samuel: Ecstasy and Agony of a King Selected Scripture: 2 Samuel
GM2M06 1 Kings Selected Scripture: 1 Kings
GM2M07 2 Kings Selected Scripture: 2 Kings
GM2M08 1 and 2 Chronicles Selected Scripture: 1 & 2 Chronicles
GM2M09 Ezra Selected Scripture: Ezra
GM2M10 Nehemiah Selected Scripture: Nehemiah
GM2M11 Who Esther Selected Scripture: Esther

Messaegs in God's Masterwork Vol 3: Poets, Prophets, and Promises - A Survey of Job–Daniel           Audio Series on CD:

Have you ever needed wisdom? Has truth been thin or hard to find? Ever longed for a calming word during trying times? Have you ever worried about the future?

When issues like these arise, Chuck Swindoll reminds us of the best place to turn, the only reliable and inexhaustible source for wisdom and truth—God’s Word. In this informative and practical series, God’s Masterwork, Volume Three: Poets, Prophets, and Promises—A Survey of Job–Daniel, Chuck guides us through the Wisdom Books, the Psalms, and the Major Prophets to help us answer the pressing questions of our day. We need to engage both our heart and head, so we can apply immediately timeless biblical principles.

GM3M01 Job: Magnificent Man of Misery Selected Scripture: Job
GM3M02 Psalms: Inspired Anthology of Praise Selected Scripture: Psalms
GM3M03 Proverbs: Reliable Counsel for Right Living Selected Scripture: Proverbs
GM3M04 Ecclesiastes: Searching for the Meaning of Life Selected Scripture: Ecclesiastes
GM3M05 Song of Solomon: Poem of Faithful Love Selected Scripture: Song of Solomon
GM3M06 Profile of a Prophet Matthew 24:3–5, 11, 24; 2 Peter 1:19–21
GM3M07 Isaiah: Prince among the Prophets Selected Scripture: Isaiah
GM3M08 Jeremiah: Weeping, Warning, and Waiting Selected Scripture: Jeremiah
GM3M09 Lamentations: A Prophet’s Broken Heart Selected Scripture: Lamentations
GM3M10 Ezekiel: Strong Man of God Selected Scripture: Ezekiel
GM3M11 Daniel: Man of Integrity, Message of Prophecy Selected Scripture: Daniel

Messages in God's Masterwork Vol 4: An Invitation to Return - A Survey of Hosea - Malachi        Audio Series on CD:

The minor prophets aren’t called minor because they didn’t major in major themes; they’re called minor because their books are shorter than those by the major prophets, like Isaiah, Jeremiah, or Ezekiel.

Many people who read the Old Testament finish Daniel and skip over the next twelve books on their way to the New Testament. What a loss! The Minor Prophets deal with some major life issues: adultery, grudges, pride, disobedience, and injustice—just to name a few! When sin clouds your vision and you’re in need of a clear perspective, these lesser-known prophets offer a wealth of wisdom. In this fourth volume of the God’s Masterwork Series, Chuck Swindoll explains the practical, and often overlooked, applications found in the Minor Prophets. 

God’s Masterwork, Volume Four: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea–Malachi will introduce you to the little-read and little-understood prophets who deliver big messages in a short amount of space. The Minor Prophets are major in God’s Masterwork.

GM4M01 Hosea: Love That Never Dies Selected Scripture: Hosea
GM4M02 Joel: Preparing for the Day of the Lord Selected Scripture: Joel
GM4M03 Amos: From Fig-Picker to Prophet-Preacher Selected Scripture: Amos
GM4M04 Obadiah: Strong Warning to the Proud Selected Scripture: Obadiah
GM4M05 Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet Selected Scripture: Jonah
GM4M06 Micah: Advocate for the Poor Selected Scripture: Micah
GM4M07 Nahum: The Consequences of Negligence Selected Scripture: Nahum
GM4M08 Habakkuk: Wrestling, Waiting, Praying, Praising Selected Scripture: Habakkuk
GM4M09 Zephaniah: Bright Light in a Dark Day Selected Scripture: Zephaniah
GM4M10 Haggai: Persuasive Prophet of Priorities Selected Scripture: Haggai
GM4M11 Zechariah: Man of Vision and Faith Selected Scripture: Zechariah
GM4M12 Malachi: Last Call before Silence Selected Scripture: Malachi


God's Masterwork Complete Set Titles:

GM1      6 messages         God's Masterwork Volume 1: Genesis -Deuteronomy

GM2      11 messages       God's Masterwork Volume 2: Joshua-Esther

GM3      11 messages       God's Masterwork Volume 3: Job-Daniel

GM4      12 messages       God's Masterwork Volume 4: Hosea-Malachi

GM5      6 messages         God's Masterwork Volume 5: Matthew-Acts

GM6      13 messages       God's Masterwork Volume 6: Romans-Philemon

GM7      9 + B messages   God's Masterwork Volume 7: Hebrews-Revelation


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