God's Masterwork, Vol 1: Beginnings - A Survey of Genesis to Deuteronomy. 6 CD Series

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Charles R. Swindoll

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God's Masterwork, Vol 1: Beginnings - A Survey of Genesis to Deuteronomy.       6 CD Series

“In the beginning . . .”

If you’re like most people, beginnings are important times in your life—your first day of college, the time you started a new job, or the day your child was born. Beginnings matter. Understanding our beginnings—where we come from—helps us understand something of who we are.

Chuck Swindoll’s God’s Masterwork, Volume One—Beginnings: A Survey of Genesis–Deuteronomy will introduce you to the Old Testament in general and to the first five books of the Bible specifically. With one message devoted to each of these initial books, the first volume of the God’s Masterwork series will provide you with an overview of each biblical book, allow you the opportunity to gain an understanding of each book’s major themes and stories, and encourage you to trust in the God who established all things.

(6 messages on 6 CDs)

Messages included in this series:  6 CD Series:

GM1D01 A Symphony for the Soul Over view
GM1D02 Genesis: Where It All Begins Genesis
GM1D03 Exodus: Story of Miraculous Freedom Exodus
GM1D04 Leviticus: God’s Picture Book on Worship Leviticus
GM1D05 Numbers: A Tragic Pilgrimage Numbers
GM1D06 Deuteronomy: Remember! Remember! Deuteronomy



(No reviews yet) Write a Review