Growing Deep in the Christian Life: 04 Handling the Scriptures Accurately. MP3 Download

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Charles R. Swindoll
Christian Living

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Growing Deep in the Christian Life:  04  Handling the Scriptures Accurately                   MP3 Download

Selected Scriptures

Whether you drive a truck, wait tables, work in an office, or ferry the kids to and from soccer practice, Chuck Swindoll understands that your world is practical, earthy, tough, and relentless.

Growing Deep in the Christian Life takes theology out of the ivory tower and enables you to apply it to where you live every day. The basics of the faith are the roots from which we draw emotional stability, mental food for growth, and spiritual energy and perspective on life. Growing Deep in the Christian Life offers an easy-going and practical-approach that reviews ten key doctrines and shows their power to strengthen and encourage you in faith.

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Messages in this Series:

Message Code Message Title: Scripture Reference:
GCLM01 The Value of Knowing the Scoop 1 Timothy 4:1– 6
GCLM02 Don’t Forget to Add a Cup of Discernment Selected Scriptures
GCLM03 God’s Book—God’s Voice Selected Scriptures
GCLM04 Handling the Scriptures Accurately Selected Scriptures
GCLM05 Knowing God: Life’s Major Pursuit Selected Scriptures
GCLM06 Loving God: Our Ultimate Response Selected Scriptures
GCLM07 Mary’s Little Lamb Selected Scriptures
GCLM08 When the God-Man Walked Among Us Selected Scriptures
GCLM09 Changing Lives Is Jesus’s Business Selected Scriptures
GCLM10 The Spirit Who Is Not a Ghost John 16:1–15
GCLM11 From Creation to Corruption Selected Scriptures
GCLM12 Exposing the Dark Side Selected Scriptures
GCLM13 “Mr. Smith, Meet Your Substitute” Romans 3
GCLM14 The Remedy for Our Disease Selected Scriptures
GCLM15 His Coming Is Sure . . . Are You? Selected Scriptures
GCLM16 Until He Returns . . . What? Selected Scriptures
GCLM17 Visiting the Real Twilight Zone Selected Scriptures
GCLM18 An Interview with One from Beyond Luke 16
GCLM19 God’s Body Building Program Selected Scriptures
GCLM20 Three Cheers for the Church Selected Scriptures
GCLM21 Encouragement Served Family Style Selected Scriptures
GCLM22 Worship: Let It Shine! Let It Shine! Psalm 95:1– 5


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