Hand Me Another Brick: Leadership. 16 MP3 Series Download

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Charles R. Swindoll

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Hand Me Another Brick: Timeless Lessons on Leadership.    16 MP3 Series Download

Our society desperately needs wise, godly leadership.
  We need God's wisdom in our businesses, homes, ministries, government and education. Hand Me Another Brick: Timeless Lessons on Leadership will take you into the book of Nehemiah, where the walls of Jerusalem have crumbled, its glory has faded, and its people have lost heart. This is a story of a people who found godly leadership in the person of Nehemiah.

So - You can be a leader, every day.

Let Chuck Swindoll guide you through God’s principles of leadership found in the book of Nehemiah. Learn to motivate ... overcome discouragement ... face opposition ... and apply wisdom and insight in all your realms of life and leadership. Allow this timeless teaching to help you rise to the challenge of becoming a dynamic, godly leader.

(16 messages, 16 Downloadable MP3 Files; Due to file size, download to PC or laptop and then transfer to mobile device.  NB. Download and save file with in seven days)

Messages in this series include:

HMBM01 The Matter at Hand Survey of Nehemiah
HMBM02 A Leader - From the Knees Up! Nehemiah 1:1–11
HMBM03 Preparation for a Tough Job Nehemiah 2:1–11
HMBM04 Getting Off Dead Centre Nehemiah 2:11–20
HMBM05 Knocked Down, but Not Knocked Out Nehemiah 4:1–9
HMBM06 Discouragement: Its Causes and Cure Nehemiah 4:9–23
HMBM07 Love, Loans ... and the Money Crunch Nehemiah 5:1–13
HMBM08 How to Handle a Promotion Nehemiah 5:14–19
HMBM09 Operation Intimidation Nehemiah 6
HMBM10 Revival at Water Gate? Nehemiah 8:1–12
HMBM11 The Fine Art of Insight Nehemiah 8:13–18
HMBM12 Four Dimensional Praying Nehemiah 9; 10:29–31, 39
HMBM13 Putting First Things First Nehemiah 10
HMBM14 The Willing Unknowns Nehemiah 7:1– 4; 11
HMBM15 Happiness Is a Walk on the Wall Nehemiah 12:27– 47
HMBM16 Taking Problems by the Throat Nehemiah 13


(No reviews yet) Write a Review