Insight's Bible Application Guide 2: Joshua - Esther. Paperback Book

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Insight’s Bible Application Guide 2: Joshua-Esther.  A Life lesson from Every Chapter.    Paperback Book

Apply Every Chapter of the Bible to Your Life!
So, what do Elijah’s ascent into heaven on a firey chariot or David’s dance before the ark have to do with your life? Biblical history is full of these head-scratchers! This, the second volume in a series that will cover the entire Bible, Insight’s Bible Application Guide: Joshua–Esther—A Life Lesson from Every Chapter includes:
  • A key verse from every chapter of the twelve Historical Books of the Old Testament
  • A timeless truth derived from each Bible chapter
  • A paragraph explaining how that principle applies to your life today—really!

(206 Page, Softcover Book)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review