Insight's Bible Application Guide 3: Job - Song of Solomon. Paperback Book

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Insight's Bible Application Guide 3: Job - Song of Solomon.  A Life Lesson From Every Chapter.       Paperback Book

If you have ever felt that the Wisdom Books of the Bible are too disconnected from your everyday life, then you will be refreshed by Insight’s Bible Application Guide: Job–Song of Solomon—A Life Lesson from Every Chapter. This resource will help you:

  • Glean practical applications from every chapter in the five Wisdom Books
  • Draw one timeless truth from each chapter by focusing on a highlighted key verse
  • Summarize the relevancy of the Wisdom Books in a way that impacts your day
Join Job, David, Solomon, and others on their journeys with our great God, and learn to apply this beautiful, practical part of Scripture to your life each day.

 (200 Page, Softcover Book)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review