Insight's Handbook of New Testament Backgrounds: Key Customs From Each Book. Paperback Book

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Insight's Handbook of New Testament Backgrounds:  Key Customs from each Book.      Paperback Book

Thousands of years separate Christians today from biblical people and events. Different languages and unfamiliar customs create a deep chasm between them and us. How can we bridge this cultural gap in order to understand the Bible? We need help answering questions such as: 

• "What was the danger of the two-edged sword?"
• "What role did fasting play in the Christian life?"
• "Why did women wear head coverings?" 

 Insight’s Handbook of New Testament Backgrounds answers these questions and many more by explaining the context in which the authors penned the words of Scripture. With short articles examining cultural concepts from each New Testament book, this handbook will help you understand the world of the Bible.
Understanding the ancient cultural context of Scripture is one significant way todays readers can protect themselves against false conclusions or unintended interpretations of the Bible.  Insight’s Handbook of New Testament Backgrounds will prove invaluable as you study God’s Word and grow in your knowledge of Him.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review