Insight's Handbook of Old Testament Backgrounds: Genesis - Esther. Paperback Book

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Insight's Handbook of Old Testament Backgrounds:  Genesis - Esther.  Key Customs from Each Book     Paperback Book

Feeling lost or confused in the Old Testament?

Ever wondered why the Old Testament talks about ceremonial washings and sacrifices? Or why the Israelites celebrated feasts? Or why God included so many long lists of names in His Word?
The Bible—especially the Old Testament—can be hard to understand. Overflowing with obscure names, foreign words, and bygone traditions, the ancient Book can leave modern readers bewildered.

Thankfully, Insight’s Handbook of Old Testament Backgrounds: Key Customs from Each Book, Genesis-Esther, answers many of our most common questions about Bible culture. With short articles on interesting topics that appear in the books of Genesis through Esther, this resource will help provide the cultural grounding you need to build intimacy with God as you read His Word.

With the inclusion of this, the sixth book in the series, the Insight’s Handbook collection is your essential guide to the world of the Bible!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review