Insights New Testament Handbook. Paperback Book

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Insights New Testament Handbook: A Practical Look At Each Book.        Paperback Book

Insight’s New Testament Handbook: A Practical Look at Each Book
provides careful overviews of each book of the New Testament, along with helpful charts and maps to bring additional context to these ancient books.
Digging into this handbook will increase your knowledge of the New Testament and the direction it provides for our lives. But more than that, this handbook will underline the encouragement that God does care and that God has spoken. Look no further than Jesus.

The ministry of Insight for Living was founded on the importance of studying the truth of God’s Word. We place the highest priority on becoming students of the Bible and handling its truth accurately as we apply it to our lives. Our deepest desire is to inspire you to do the same . . . and to give you the resources you need to study God’s inspiring, infallible Word.

(172 Page, Softcover Book)


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