Living on the Ragged Edge: 09 One Plus One Equals Survival. MP3 Download

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Charles R. Swindoll

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Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality  09: One Plus One Equals Survival              MP3 Downloadable file

Ecclesiastes 4:9–12

has been called the most desolate word in the English language. But it’s more than a word. To many, it is a fact of life, especially for those who make it to the top (as we saw in the previous message) and begin to live distant and unaccountable lives. As Solomon finished describing that grim scene, he felt the need to offer a better plan, which led him into the thoughts we’re considering today. If we take his counsel to heart, we’ll discover one of the most important truths in all Scripture: two really are better than one. And upon discovering and applying Solomon’s words, we learn how to survive these lonely, desolate days between here and eternity.

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Messages in this series include:

LREM01 Journal Of A Desperate Journey Selected Verses in Ecclesiastes
LREM02 Chasing the Wind Ecclesiastes 1:1–18; Romans 8:20, 22
LREM03 Eat, Drink, . . . and Be What? Ecclesiastes 2:1–11; 1 Kings 11:3
LREM04 More Miles of Bad Road Ecclesiastes 2:12–26; 1 Samuel 16:7
LREM05 Do You Know What Time It Is? Ecclesiastes 3:1–11
LREM06 Interlude of Rare Insight Ecclesiastes 3:11–15
LREM07 Confessions of a Cynic Ecclesiastes 3:16–22; 4:1; 5:8; 8:9
LREM08 The Lonely Whine of the Top Dog Ecclesiastes 4:1–8; Luke 12:13–21
LREM09 One Plus One Equals Survival Ecclesiastes 4:9–12; Ruth 1:16–17
LREM10 What Every Worshiper Should Remember Ecclesiastes 5:1–7; Hebrews 4:12–13
LREM11 Straight Talk to the Money Mad Ecclesiastes 5:8–20; 1 Kings 10:4–10, 21–23
LREM12 The Few Years of a Futile Life Ecclesiastes 6
LREM13 Wise Words for Busy People Ecclesiastes 7:1–14; 2:17–18
LREM14 Putting Wisdom to Work Ecclesiastes 7:15–29; 2:24–26
LREM15 The Qualities of a Good Boss Ecclesiastes 8:1–9
LREM16 Mysteries That Defy Explanation Ecclesiastes 8:10–17; 3:10–11
LREM17 Have a Blast While You Last! Ecclesiastes 9:1–10
LREM18 An Objective View of the Rat Ecclesiastes 9:1–18; Proverbs 21:31
LREM19 Be Sensible! Ecclesiastes 10:1–11; 6:10–12; 9:3
LREM20 A Fool’s Portrait Ecclesiastes 10:12–20; 1–3
LREM21 Be Bullish! Ecclesiastes 11:1–6
LREM22 Enjoying Life Now, Not Later Ecclesiastes 11:7–12:1
LREM23 Grey Hairs, Fewer Teeth, Yet a Big Smile Ecclesiastes 12:1–8
LREM24 Wrapping Up a Ragged Edge Journey Ecclesiastes 1:3, 12–13; 12:8–14
LREM25C Conversation With Chuck - LRE N/A





(No reviews yet) Write a Review