Loving One Another. 02 Looking Deeper into Our Church. MP3 Download

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Charles R. Swindoll

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Loving One Another.  02  Looking Deeper into Our Church.         MP3 Download

Romans 12:14–21

Love is the defining characteristic of a true follower of Christ and the one irresistible appeal the church can offer the world. In this message, Chuck Swindoll paints a living portrait of love in action.

What does Christ’s love look like when it is genuinely expressed in His church? It certainly doesn’t resemble the world where people divide themselves into factions and groups. Instead, churches that practice Christ’s love are places where lines fade and people of all ages and classes live in peace.

Listen to this inspiring message of unity, and heed Chuck’s challenge to burst out of our tight circles and reach out to those who are outside our comfort zone. Determine to set aside differences and truly love one another.

(Single downloadable MP3 file; Due to file size, download to PC or laptop and then transfer to mobile device NB. Download and save file with in seven days, part of the Touching Your Heart Series)

Messages in this series include:

LOATYH18M01 Let’s Think about Our Church Romans 12:6–18
LOATYH18M02 Looking Deeper into Our Church Romans 12:14–21


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