One-on-One Discipleship. Study Guide

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One-on-One Discipleship.       Bible Study Guide

Admit it, you don’t know everything.

Sure, it’s hard to do, but admitting our limitations is the first step every learner must take. If we ever hope to be true disciples, then we’re going to have to recognize that we need to be followers. Find encouragement in Chuck Swindoll’s study to help you understand and live the life of discipleship.

(128 Page, Bible Study Guide, contains 12 studies)

0l-A Model of Discipleship - John 1:35-48
02-The Biblical Basis for Discipleship - Selected Scriptures
03-Beginning of Discipleship - Selection-Luke 6:12-16
04-Curriculum of Discipleship...Association - Selected Scriptures
05-Cost of Discipleship...Consecration - Luke 14:25-35
06-Stimulus of Discipleship...Impartation - Selected Scriptures
07-Badge of Discipleship...Affection - John 13:1-35
08-Genius of Discipleship...Delegation - Selected Scriptures
09-Support of Discipleship...intercession - John 17:6 -9
10-Advantage of Discipleship...Evaluation - Selected Scriptures
11-Goal of Discipleship...Reproduction - Selected Scriptures
12-Process of Discipleship...Demonstration - 2 Timothy 2:1-10


(No reviews yet) Write a Review