Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving. 07 Affirming and Encouraging Words to Parents. MP3 Download

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Charles R. Swindoll

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Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving.  07 Affirming and Encouraging Words to Parents.       MP3 Download

Luke 15:11–24

In Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son, we see a very involved parent who refuses to control or squelch his sons, instead granting them as much freedom as possible to learn and grow. This father desires godly maturity and offers his influence, but he patiently waits for the Lord to change his children. Furthermore, and perhaps most important to all, his love is steeped in grace. All parents would do well to emulate this example of a godly father. He is, after all, patterned after our heavenly Father.

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Messages in this Series include:

PSTD01 The Best Kept Secret of Wise Parenting Selections from Proverbs
PSTD02 Understanding How Your Child Was Made Psalm 139:1– 3, 13 –16
PSTD03 Establishing a Life of Self Control Selected Scriptures
PSTD04 Cultivating a Life of Self-Worth Selected Scriptures
PSTD05 Secret Struggles . . . Family Troubles 2 Samuel 13
PSTD06 From Resentment to Rebellion 2 Samuel 14 –18
PSTD07 Affirming and Encouraging Words to Parents Luke 15:11– 24
PSTD08 Confronting the "Older Brother Attitudes" Luke 15:25 – 32
PSTD09 Increasing the Priority of Your Family Psalms 127 and 128
PSTD10 Restoring Relationships After You’ve Blown It Isaiah 58:6 –12
PSTD11 When God’s Gift Comes Specially Wrapped Selected Scriptures
PSTD12 Final Words to Families Then and Now Deuteronomy 6:1–13, 23 – 24


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