Searching the Scriptures Set. Paperback Book with Series on MP3 CD

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Charles R. Swindoll
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Searching the Scriptures: Find the Nourishment Your Soul Needs.         Paperback Book with Series on MP3

Do you ever sit and listen to gifted Bible teachers and preachers and wonder to yourself, "How in the world can so much truth be found in one passage of Scripture?" Thankfully, God has not delivered His truth in secret code but often we need to go deeper to more fully understand what is written. God not only invites us to read His Word, but to search the Scriptures and discover wonderful truths to deepen our faith.

In Searching the Scriptures, Chuck Swindoll teaches us how to dig deep into Scripture and uncover profound truths for our lives by teaching us to prepare our own spiritual meals. Explaining the ten tried and tested techniques for Bible Study that he has used his entire ministry, Chuck leads us on a journey of biblical discovery that will provide spiritual nourishment for a lifetime.

(Paperback Book with 8 Messages on MP3 CD)

Messages in this series include:

STSM01 Choosing the Recipe: Pursuing the Treasures of Scripture Selections from Psalm 119
STSM02 Reading the Ingredients: Observing the Text Psalm 119:18; Proverbs 2:1–5
STSM03 Understanding the Nutrients: Interpreting the Text Psalm 119:27, 33–34; Acts 8:26–35
STSM04 Comparing the Flavours: Correlating the Text 2 Peter 1:16–21; 3:15–18
STSM05 Adding the Spices: Applying the Text Psalm 139:1–7, 23–24
STSM06 Setting the Table: Preparing to Dig into God’s Word Joshua 1:6–9
STSM07 Tasting a Sample: Learning Where We Fit in the Story Mark 4:1–20
STSM08 Feeding the Hungry: Presenting the Truth Acts 17:16–34



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