The Darkness and the Dawn. Study Guide

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The Darkness and the Dawn.       Bible Study Guide

Of Jesus' three-and-a-half-year ministry, the gospel books devote one-third of their material to only seven days of His life.
  Jesus’s last week before His death on the cross.  Why devote so much time to studying Jesus’ passion, rejection, desertion, denial, betrayal, and abandonment? Talk about darkness! The answer comes with the dawn of Jesus’s resurrection. In His suffering we find the purpose for our own struggles. In His resurrection we gain the hope that the suffering will end—that like Jesus, we will leave the darkness for the dawn.

Dig deeper into the suffering and death of Christ. Experience the joy of the light of dawn as you study the reality of the Resurrection. Renew your sense of awe for the Cross as well as a fresh perspective on how to live in its victory every day.

(224 Page, Softcover Study Guide)

The Darkness - Part 1:
01-The Suffering Savior  - Isaiah 52:13-53:12
02-The Cup of Sacrifice  - Luke 22:7-13; Matthew 26:20, 26-31
03-Midnight in the Garden  - Mark 14:32-42
04-Three O'Clock in the Morning  - Mark 14:27-31, 53-54, 66-72
05-The Six Trials of Jesus  - Selected Scripture
06-The Man Who Missed His Cross  - Matthew 27:15-26
07-The Way of the Cross  - Selected Scripture
08-"Father, Forgive Them"  - Luke 23:33-34
09-"Today You Shall Be with Me"  - Luke 23:42-43
10-"Behold, Your Son! Behold, Your Mother!"  - John 19:23-27
11-"Why Have You Forsaken Me?"  - Matthew 27:45-46
12-"I Am Thirsty"  - John 19:28-29
13-"It Is Finished!"  J- ohn 19:30
14-"Father, Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit"  - Luke 23:44-46
15-Lessons in Obedience ... Taught Severely  - Selected Scripture
16-The Day God Answered, "Amen"  - Selected Scripture

The Dawn - Part Two:
17-What Is Your Verdict?  -  Selected Scripture
18-A Sunday Morning Miracle  - Mark 16:1-3, 10-14; John 20:1-18
19-Curing the Plague of Death  - Ecclesiastes 3; Romans 5:6-21
20-Breaking Death's Jaws  - Selected Scripture
21-Triumph for the Undeserving  - Selected Scripture
22-Hope for the Unforgiven  - 1 Corinthians 15:12-19



(No reviews yet) Write a Review