Unstoppable. Paperback Book

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Nick Vujicic

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Unstoppable - The Incredible Power of Faith In Action.         Paperback Book

Nick Vujicic says that to fully experience a 'ridiculously good life', you must assess your limitations, plan your path to success, become your own best friend - then take action. Building upon the best-selling success of Life Without Limits, Nick explains in Unstoppable how you can release the power to become all you can be.

People of all ages who speak to Nick, write, or leave messages on his websites feel adrift and out of control. They admire the fact that Nick hasn't allowed his lack of limbs to isolate him, defeat him, or crush his spirit.

In Unstoppable Nick addresses the issues of self-confidence; healing relationships; pursuing your passion; health challenges; dealing with destructive emotions; cruelty and criticism; self-assessment; self-motivation and surrounding yourself with positive influences.
(245 Page, Paperback Book)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review