What If ...?: 07 What If You Need a Second Chance? MP3 Download File

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Charles R. Swindoll

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What If ...?:  07 What If You Need a Second Chance?         MP3 Download File

Acts 13:2–5; 15:36–41

Each of us can remember a time when we failed to do something we said we would do. We started strong. We had every intention to follow through. And others were relying on us to stick to our commitment. To make matters worse, we gave them our word that they could count on us. And then, somewhere along the way, our good intentions got sidetracked. Circumstances became difficult. And we failed to follow through. Those who counted on us were disappointed in us, and we felt guilty. At that point, two things likely happened: 1) having lost trust in us, some of the disappointed people determined to never rely on us again, and 2) having had time to think about how we would handle things differently, we longed for a second chance.

The Bible includes several examples of people who blew it and later longed to be reinstated. Peter needed a second chance after he was disloyal the night of Jesus’ arrest (Mark 14:66–72). Jonah needed a second chance after he ran from the Lord’s command to carry His message to Nineveh (Jonah 1–2). The adulterous woman needed a second chance to prove her character (John 8:1–11). Esther needed a second chance to respond to Mordecai’s plea to help their people (Esther 4:10–17). And as we’ll learn in this lesson, young John Mark needed a second chance to prove himself to Paul and Barnabas after deserting them on their first missionary journey (Acts 13:13; 15:37–38).

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Messages in this series include:

WIFM01 What If God Chooses You to Do Something Great? Exodus 3:1–8, 10–15; 4:1–4, 10–11, 13, 29–31
WIFM02 What If You Suddenly Lose Everything? Job 1:1–3, 6–11, 20–21; 2:1–10; James 4:13–16
WIFM03 What If You Are Being Stalked? 1 Kings 19:1–14; Jeremiah 17:9–10
WIFM04 What If a Long-time Friend Deceives You? 2 Kings 5:5, 10–16, 20–27; 1 Corinthians 4:1
WIFM05 What If You Should Confront Someone in Sin? 2 Samuel 12:1–14; Proverbs 20:30; 25:11–12; 27:6
WIFM06 What If Someone Kicks You When You’re Down? 2 Samuel 16:5–14; Psalm 119:165
WIFM07 What If You Need a Second Chance? Acts 13:2–5; 15:36–41
WIFM08 What If You Struggle with a Permanent Disability? 2 Corinthians 12:1–10
WIFM09 What If a Person Is an Unrepentant Troublemaker? Romans 16:17; Titus 1:4–7; 3:3–11
WIFM10 What If You Talk Too Much? Matthew 15:10–20; James 3:1–12
WIFM11 What If Your Boss Is Unfair and Disrespectful? Genesis 1:1, 27, 31; 2:1–2, 15; 3:1, 4, 10–19
WIFM12 What If You Were to Die Tonight? Luke 16:19–31
WIFM13C What If? Conversations With Chuck N/A


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